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New Company Incorporation Form : HELP

Last update: April 2019

With all information ready, this form takes about 10 minutes to fill. This form accepts English characters and numerical values, Thai characters but not Thai numerical values.  


This help does not specifically follow the flow of sequent on the form as if you were to fill it out in the top-to-bottom order, The help keywords (on the left-hand side headings of this description).​

Company Name

A company name must be deemed available and reserved with the Registrar of Partnerships and Companies prior to incorporation. The name reservation needs both Thai and English names. Typically, one is the pronunciation of the other; the main language's name(of your choice).  For example, if you wanted your company name to be mainly written or pronounced in English, then you should write the English name with its proper spelling and give the Thai name as the pronunciation (not the translation or otherwise) of the English name. In our case, we wanted English as our company name main language, and to be called T2L, hence we chose this is our English name and our company's Thai name is 'ทีทูแอล' which is pronounced 'tee-too-ale'. 


There are 3 company type options in Thailand;  Co., Ltd/Limited/Company Limited. They serve the same purposes as one another once translated into Thai, which is 'limited liability company'. While it's entirely your preference, it is important to select the option you would like to use/have appeared on each official paper, documents, bank account, and every written form of communication when referring to the company. The most common use is Co., Ltd.

Please note, if “Thailand” is part of the company name, it must be in brackets.​ For example, เอบีซี (ประเทศไทย), ABC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

It takes 2-3 days to get the reservation result when a certificate is issued and is valid for 30 days. We will obtain this certificate on your behalf. It is required as a supporting document for the company incorporation application.

Company Objectives

Company objectives are the activities the company intends to conduct. The objectives provided on the form are used to determine the company's category, either commerce, service, manufacturing, agricultural or a regional presence to its overseas head-office. 

Name Prefix

In the case of a female, please clearly indicate "Miss" or "Mrs." because of no specific title equivalent to "Ms." in the Thai language.


There must be at least 3 individuals of any nationality, each of whom must (initially)subscribe for at least 1 share. If any of the promoters is not a shareholder, at a later point in time, the company constitution may be adjusted to reduce the number of share for him/her to zero accordingly. 

If one of the shareholders is an entity, please make sure it is listed after the first 3 individuals. In such case, we need (please upload this) a copy of its registration containing the entity name, address, contact details, business types, objectives, date of registration and expiration/next renewal, directors names and their document signing authorities details. In addition, the entity's authorized director is to enclose its proxy letter (please upload this) appointing a person to sign documents and act on its behalf. We can support you in producing such a letter, if required.

Upload Files: Formats, size

.jpg, .jpeg .png .doc .docx and .pdf files of maximum 6MB per file accepted.​

Company Address

Full address of the (intended) company must be provided along with the corresponding lease contract and letter of consent to use the premises for business purposes. A copy of the House Registration Certified from the property owner, and the location map is to be supplied (uploaded via the form). In addition, if you intend to register for VAT (required for 1.8+ million per year revenue), you would also need to provide proof (photographs) of the company's signage to be or already installed on the front of the premises, office/workspace/shop-front arrangement suitable or the business and floor space sufficient for the anticipated number of staff and customers activities. 

Please note, registering a company with an address outside of Bangkok can be initially done in Bangkok. However, should there be any future updates or amendments on the company's document or arrangements, the updates are to be done at the province authority office as per the company registered address.

Location Map

The location map may be a copy from a hand-drawn but not copied from an online map tool such as Google Map.  Please make sure it is at the absolute closed up details with as many landmarks as possible and effective for someone to walk along and find the premises. The map is to be in Thai.  We may be able to create this for you if required.

Initial Capital

PAR value


Although there are no minimum capital requirements, the requirement of 3 shareholders of 1 share each with THB5 per share minimum means the minimum capital required is THB15. However, the amount of capital should be respectable enough and adequate for the intended business operation.

Registered Capital, in most cases, used to represent the entity’s financial trustworthy to warrant its commitment for liability. 

If you require work permit, at least 2,000,000 Baht must be registered and paid in to obtain a work permit for one/each foreigner employee.


PAR or value (in THB) per share is to be of equal amount for each and for all types of shares; Ordinary or Priority. The minimum PAR value is 5 Baht per share, although 100 Baht is often used.


At least 25% of the registered capital must be paid in for the company's initial operation stage. However, a minimum capital requirement applies to foreigner companies operating under or receiving Foreign Business Licenses under the Foreign Business Act. The company that has registered capital of more than Baht 5,000,000, is subject to the additional requirement to submit evidence issued by a commercial bank to prove that the capital injection is made into the authorized director's bank account (not required if all shareholders are non-Thai) and then once the company's bank account is set up, the funds are to be transferred there and reported to the Department of Business Development within 15 days of the company's incorporation.


There must be at least 3 shareholders, who may be individuals or legal entities; although there may be only one or two shareholders which hold the majority shares and each of the other shareholders may hold one share. Note that the promoters are the first group of shareholders who may transfer their shares to other shareholders upon incorporation. Please provide a copy of passport or Thai national ID card in case of an individual. If the company is majority Thai-owned, and has a non-Thai shareholder or non-Thai authorized director, each of the Thai shareholders must provide evidence of source of capital funds, namely, letter issued by a bank certifying the Thai shareholder’s financial standing.


Company Stamp/Seal

The minimum number of director is 1 and there is no maximum, no citizenship or residency requirements. A director may or may not be a shareholder as well. 

You do not need to use a company stamp or seal. It is not a legal requirement, but only an option.

Statutory Auditor

The company's auditor must be an individual Thai Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Please work out arrangements with auditor prior to incorporation. Or leave this field blank if you want us to provide or source one for you.

To be continued...

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