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Pricing and Standard Process of Company Incorporation

Company Incorporation Services and Professional Fees


Client fills in our on-line form.

We will send an email to client to inform next steps and opening of account at

Upon paying 50% of fee, your account will be opened with T2L.

We will make company’s name reservation and filing incorporation forms based on information provided. Any missing information and/or documents will be requested via email or calls.

We will email to client the completed forms for client to confirm, print out and sign.

Client will email us the scanned signed forms.

We will check if the forms are signed at the right spots and in an acceptable format.

Client will remit to our bank account the official fees and issuance of incorporation documents (Generally, Baht 7,000), and the remaining of professional fees 50% and make time available for us to pick up the original signed documents and forms (in Bangkok).

We will submit the documents and forms to the MOC and will respond to questions the MOC may have.

We will pick up the incorporation documents from the MOC and request for issuance of certification documents (Certification Documents) and other documents required for opening a bank account.

We will deliver originals of incorporation documents to client (within Bangkok).

Soft copies of Certification Documents will be saved in your T2L online account.



Company Incorporation Services and Professional Fees

All of our services are end-to-end English and/or Thai communications.

Prices indicated below are not including Official Fees (approximately THB7,000) and 7%VAT 

These fees are subject to change as per the government's regulations.

Document courier internationally is charged at cost.

All packages will get all the following:


   Up to 1 hour of incorporation advice/consultation via email or call.

   Certified true and correct copy issued by the Ministry of Commerce (only in Thai language) of:

• Certificate of Incorporation;

• Certification document;

• Company’s objectives;

• Memorandum of Association;

• Incorporation Register;

• Articles of Association;

• Minutes of Incorporation Meeting; and

• List of Shareholders

Add-on Services: see pricing on

  1. English translation of the documents to be issued by MOC (only standard terms not those tailor-made e.g. Articles of Association of a joint venture company).

  2. Preparation of documents required by the client’s choice of commercial bank in Thailand for opening a bank account. Note that authorized director(s) and persons who will be the bank’s signatories must be presented to sign documents at the bank when opening a bank account.

  3. Preparation of documents and forms and submission of VAT Registration (VAT registration is required if the company’s revenue reaches Baht 1.8 million per year). If you intend to register VAT, you ought to start preparing your company’s signage once NewCo is incorporated.  Signage made from paper as a printout is not acceptable. Acrylic-made signage with either Thai and/or full English name is acceptable. As part of the required document, photographs of the business premise depicting the company’s name signage and photographs of dedicate working office and desk are the minimum requirements.

We carve these services out from the packages because some companies might not need English translations or bank opening documents or they might not conduct their businesses in full steam during their first year and thus revenue is less than Baht 1.8 million. The ideal is that our client should not be paying for services that are not applicable to them.

Information required from clients to complete the forms

  1.  Name of your new Thai company (NewCo) to be reserved (by us) with the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) in Thai and English;

  2.  Company’s address in Thailand, telephone number and a scanned copy of said address’s household register book;

  3.  Company’s business activities;

  4.  Company’s capital to be registered and whether it will be paid 100% at the time of incorporation (at least 25% must be paid). The minimum registered capital is Baht 15 (but is very uncommon to register this amount). If NewCo will require a work permit for a foreign employee, at least Baht 2 million must be registered and fully paid up;

  5.  Value of each share (commonly; 10 Baht and 100 Baht per share, legally 5 Baht is the minimum per share) and how many shareholding percentages each shareholder will hold. For example, if the company has 4 shareholders and its  registered capital is Baht 1,000,000, if it decided that the par value is 10 Baht per share and each shareholders hold equal percentage of shares, then each person will hold 25,000 shares;

  6.  List of names of promoters, shareholders and directors; and scanned copy of their Thai ID card or passport (in case of non-Thais).

  • At least 3 individuals (can be foreign nationals) must be promoters;

  • At least 1 director. Please specify authority of director i.e. who has the authority to sign documents on behalf of and to bind the company and whether with or without company’s seal affixed; and

  • At least 3 shareholders (can be individuals and/or entity). If the majority of shareholders is not Thai (individuals or companies), then it is likely that your company will need either a foreign business license or a foreign business certificate from the MOC. This is the case, you should opt for our English Classic or English JV Package depending on NewCo’s registered capital.


  7. Telephone number, address and email address of directors, shareholders and promoters.

  8. If foreign individual(s) (whether he/she is a promoter, director and/or shareholder) has his/her name spelled in Thai before e.g. he/she used to work in Thailand and had his/her full name spelled in Thai work permit, then we need to have such Thai spelling of their names (e.g. scanned copy or photo of the work permit page with such name in Thai spelling) so that we could register with the MOC the same spelling of name. If Thai spelling of your new Thai company’s name or foreign individuals or entities is not provided, we will transliterate them as we deem fit.

  9.  Company’s stamp is not legally required, however; if you want to have it affixed every time when the director(s) sign the documents on behalf of the Company, then please let us know and we can assist in creating a standard round shape rubber stamp for you. See add-on services under "pricing" menu for a price guide.

  10.  If you have a designated auditor, please also let us know full name and auditor’s registration number and annual remuneration, otherwise, we will specify into the incorporation document the name of our auditor, which you may change later by a resolution of the shareholders’ meeting. The annual fee for auditing your company’s financial statement by our auditor is provided in the pricing table below.

  11.  Full name of two witnesses who will witness the signing of a form by the promoters.

  12.  If the company's registered capital is more than THB5 mil, NewCo must provide original bank statement issued by the NewCo’s bank in Thailand proving the NewCo has received all paid-in capital. Since the company’s bank account will not be opened until the company is successfully registered with the MOC, the bank statement from one of the directors specifying the paid-in capital amount is required as part of company’s incorporation documents and the NewCo’s bank statement mentioned above shall be submitted to the MOC within 15 days from the date of incorporation.

  13.  If the company will have a foreign authorized director or a foreign shareholder regardless of number of shares such foreign shareholder will hold in NewCo, each and every Thai shareholder must provide an original bank statement proving a sufficient amount of their investment.

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