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Thai-native corporate lawyers team.
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T2L Lawyers is a new generation using technology to enhance precision, time and cost advantage for clients.

Established by a Thai-born, Australian citizen in May 2007 to provide traditional business legal services, and have unfolded into IT services to lawyers and law firms in Thailand.

T2L Lawyers is a team of Thai-native corporate lawyers. They studied and or worked overseas prior to their practice in Thailand, with some retaining their overseas practice licenses at the same time.

With such a background, our team is well-versed in cross-culture and multinational ways. We understand the complexity of Thai legal practice when compare with other countries. This naturally lent us to obtain prior working experiences from multinational law firms and in-house enterprises.

Each of our attorneys has a minimum of 10 years working experience. These are in the mix of corporate, business, employment, merger & acquisitions, tax and commercial contracts in many industries such as hospitality, pharmaceutical, logistics, freight forwarding, servicing, manufacturing and real estate industries. We have a breadth of experience transferable to other industries.
Our clients are mainly foreigner-owned businesses in Thailand, either by way of day-to-day operation or by their management and shareholding structures.



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