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Bank Feed in kind

Looking for a bank feed that supports your bank? 

Looking for a bank feed that doesn't need your bank account's password? 

For long enough, we have been importing bank statements into our bank accounts in Xero manually as none of the banks we use was supported by Xero's bank feed.

We reached that day when we were no longer willing to keep up with the labor and human-error costs. It was time to set up a kind of auto bank feed tool to fill the bank feed's gap.

Today we have a tool that feeds statement data from banks that Xero's bank feed still does not support. 

If you are interested in seeing whether or not this tool would work with your banks, please feel free to upload a sample of your bank statement here and we'll let you know. 

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Please make sure to delete/blank out all identifiable information on your statements before you upload or send them to us.
By filling out this form and/or uploading your bank statements, you agree that we are not responsible for any effects, or results on the file or information you provided in any way.

No liability or compensation in any shape or form may be claimed, granted, or attended to.

This service/tool including its terms of use and conditions may be adjusted or withdrawn at our discretion without prior warning.

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