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for businesses in Thailand

T2L Lawyers - About
Commercial Laws Services + Technologies
Our lawyers have 10+ years of working experiences with top 3 international law firms.
Our fees for contract drafting, company’s incorporation, BOI, FBL, US Treaty applications are fixed and our deliveries are transparent. We can provide fixed fee for law firms wishing to use our forms-filling automation.
Practice Group 01
Corporate & Commercial
Practice Group 02
Employment & Compensations
Practice Group 03
Practice Group 04
Dispute Resolution
Practice Group 05
Mergers & Acquisitions
Practice Group 06
Real Estate






Areas of expertise



Why you should incorporate your NewCo using T2L Lawyers!

  • You can expect to receive comparable standards as those conventional first-tier law firms. At T2L, our lawyers have worked 10+ years at first-tier international law firms in Thailand and overseas. We have served high-net-worth clients and multinational corporations, so we know what are the expectations and questions or concerns they encountered.

  • While the qualities are compatible with those first-tier law firms, our prices are much lower. As we are 100% on-line legal services firm, you do not have to pay for law firm’s state-of-art office decorations in luxurious CBD locale office or other facilities that big firms have, which your legal matters do not require.  

  • We use technology to help us complete forms faster and more accurate with less human works and thus less human errors.

  • Since we are on-line and many aspects of our works are automated, we work 24 hours 7 days. Only when we have to encounter with government officials that we will need to do during Thailand official working hours i.e. 8:30 am. to 4:30 pm. (local time)

  • We provide stress-free packages. Our prices are transparent of what we will deliver. We do not have “estimated fee” or “hourly rate”. For litigation matters, we could provide a capped fee.

  • We understand that you need advice from a qualified lawyer to confirm what you are about to do is legal and practical, so all of our company’s incorporation packages have included one hour of legal incorporation-related advice through telephone discussions.

  • As we are corporate and commercial lawyers, we can, apart from the company’s incorporation, assist you with other legal matters to help you start and operate your business in Thailand i.e. BOI, Treaty of Amity and Foreign Business License, JV contracts, shareholders agreement, lease agreement, employment agreement, and other commercial matters.

  • From our experiences, many clients faced difficulties in locating documents particularly if such documents are not in your language! We provide Cloud-based Document Retention Service. 

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